When you are experiencing difficulties and you have decided to make changes in your life, it is important that you find someone with experience and with whom you can feel comfortable. I have over fifteen years experience as a therapist and have helped many people through various struggles. In that time I have come to understand the process of change and how difficult the path can be at times, and I am very grateful to be able to participate in this work.

What To Expect

Many people are reluctant to go to a psychologist. Some people are skeptical about mental health treatment, and others may fear the process will be scary or change them in some unanticipated way. In reality, therapy is a gift of time to yourself to consider life goals and examine obstacles to achieving them. It is a very unique relationship with an objective and supportive professional where one can explore the important aspects related to problems he or she is facing. In many cases, just becoming aware of the factors involved can begin to resolve the problem.